Beams Plus AW22 Collection

Beams Plus AW collection sees modernistic basic wear with authentic details with a focus on fabrics and colours.

The Japanese brand has always been renowned for its interpretations of classic American menswear, drawing inspiration from the ‘Golden Age’ of American fashion – the mid-40s to mid-60s. This season is no different.

Revamping classic styles with innovative fabrics and new takes of iconic looks. Beams Plus wants to bring more colours and original fabrics for AW22, encouraging their wearers to wear clothing that bring them joy and fulfilment.

Beams Plus Logo

The AW22 collection sees basic wear as a focus, encouraging wearers to buy items that will last them through seasons to come. Their basic wear is well designed and durable and comes in a variety of colours so that wearers can keep on returning to items they love in new and exciting colourways.

Functional details are something that Beams Plus are wanting to explore this season. Wanting to give the wearers a deeper understanding of the background and story of the original items but incorporating modern and functional updates. With user-friendly pockets and updated takes of iconic pieces, functionality is at the forefront of their designs.

Beams Plus Oxford Shirt

Seasonal fabrics make an appearance in this collection, wool, corduroy and boa fleece all make an appearance. Keeping you warm this season; the fabrics provide insulation and protection from those harsh winter elements.

Colours as well are a focus for this collection. Beams Plus attempts to use colour to bring a more cheerful side to the season. Embracing a more cheerful and merry attitude to the autumn/winter.

Beams Plus garments are stylish with that added adventurous spirit. Using classic silhouettes and styles in a reinvented and modern way. They ramp up classic menswear looks with trimmer fits, tweaked textiles, and fresh hues.

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