Can you use Jason Markk on Suede?

Suede is synonymous with autumn, think suede boots or jackets, but one thing that we might forget about is protecting our suede items. Despite it being such a popular fabric, it is notorious for staining. However, Jason Markk is a great option for keeping your favourite suede boots clean and stain-free.

Why protect suede

Why should I protect suede?

Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish, the surface is raised to a nap through sanding which creates a pile surface. It is a beautifully soft and delicate material which makes it great for clothing and high-quality items but susceptible to staining which is why it should be protected.

Suede can be difficult to maintain, both water and dirt can ruin the smooth appearance of the fabric, it can cause the colour to darken or make it look matted and worn. As well as being tough to look after it can be equally as challenging to clean. The fabric is extremely delicate and sensitive to water, making it difficult to clean without changing the appearance or texture.

It's best to take regular care and maintenance of suede to protect the fabric and make it easier to clean and care for. For optimum protection apply a suede protector every three months. Jason Markk is a great option for cleaning and protecting suede shoes, from their repel spray to the suede kit, two options perfect for your footwear.

Jason Markk Suede Kit

How to use Jason Markk Suede Kit?

The Suede Kit from Jason Markk is a great option for more premium and delicate materials. The kit includes a soft-bristle brush and an Eraser for easy cleaning of your suede items.

The soft bristle brush is great for using on delicate materials, brushing away any dirt or grim. The eraser is perfect to gently rub over any affected area, like a pencil eraser, great for removing any stains. It’s best to rub the eraser in one direction as to not damage the nap and to use it immediately as soon as you discover the mark.

Jason Markk repel spray

How to use Jason Markk Repel Spray?

The Repel Spray from Jason Markk is a great barrier against water and dirt, preventing shoes from getting damaged in our day-to-day use. The Repel Spray is water based, containing no harsh chemicals which means it is safe to use on all materials, even suede.

It’s best to use the spray on fresh shoes, right out of the box, to preserve them for longer. Hold the spray upright, about 6-8 inches away for an even spray, and spray the Repel solution across the upper of the shoe. Use a clean cloth to wipe away any areas that have been sprayed too much.

Leave your shoe to cure for at least 24 hours for the best results. Perfect for keeping those suede shoes protected all year round. Regularly spray your shoes, once every three or so months, to keep your shoes protected and fresh.

Can Jason Markk Clean Sneakers?

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