Introduction to Haeckels

Masters of natural skin care and wild fragrance made in Kent. The Margate company aims to raise awareness to the health-giving properties of the sea and how natural products are just as effective as chemical-derived alternatives.


Sustainable and cruelty free, it is a brand that is changing the way we view selfcare. At Copperfield we stock some of our favourite products, the products to capture your imagination and introduce you to this fantastic brand. From chalk diffusers to locally inspired fragrances, we have a great selection to present to you.


In this guide we’ll walk you through some of Haeckels staple pieces, how to use them and why they are great for your body and mind.


Take a journey through nature with Haeckels.


Haeckels: Blean Woods Perfume

Haeckels Blean Woods perfume

A woods that many people local to Canterbury have heard about, the perfect spot for a bit of a woodland trek. Haeckels replicates the natural core of the woods in their perfume, with tones of citrus and fresh crab apple. Imitating a walk through Blean woods, hints of fern and purple orchids are subtle undertones, duplicating what you might find near the streams of Blean. Finally, the smokiness of a camp fire, the charred wood and ashes, end your journey through the woods. It is a scent experience unlike any other perfume.



The layers of scent:
Top: Fruity, warm, and citrusy
Heart: Green, smoked moss
Base: Woody and clear


Haeckels: Chalk Room Diffuser

Haeckels Chalk Room Diffuser

A unique diffuser like no other. Using chalk as the base, the oils are infused into the rock to release the fragrances into the room. The etched chalk adds a level of interest to the standard room diffuser, it is a beautiful décor piece as well as producing the incredible scents of the oils.


Easy to use by placing the chalk into a bowl and adding 50ml of the oil to the bowl. As the chalk absorbs the oils, over time it will release the scent into the room. This diffuser adds the layers of lavender and cliff grasses into your room.


Haeckels: Wild Fennel Incense Cones

Haeckles Incense Cones
A great way to let a natural incense perfume your home. The flowering perennial of fennel produces a sweet, resinous scent which can often be confused with aniseed. Having been used traditionally as insect repellent, a component of Royal Wedding bouquets, and used in beer making from the Middle Ages to the 16th Century. It is a rich scent which is perfect for creating a warm and inviting smell in your home.


To use simply light the end of a cone and burn for around 15 seconds, blowing the ember until red hot. Use the lid or a heat proof surface to burn each cone on. Place in a space where the fragrant smoke can easily disperse for your house to feel the full effects of the incense. The scent perfumes for 2-4 hours.


The layers of scent:
Top: Anise
Mid: Sweet dill
Base: Spicy herbal


Haeckels: Traditional Seaweed Bath

Haeckels Seaweed Bath soak
Many wouldn’t think to put seaweed into their warm, relaxing baths, but Haeckels wants to raise awareness to the benefits of seaweed soaks. Packed with natural antioxidants and essential vitamins, this will be unlike any bath you’ve had before. Turning the water into a liquid skin enhancer which helps repair the skin. Also shown to help against signs of ageing, cellulite, arthritis, and eczema.


Simply soak the seaweed in a bath of very hot water. As the seaweed naturally rehydrates, the hot water helps release more of the vitamin rich gel. Add cold water until the bath is at your preferred temperature. Take care when entering and leaving the bath as the gel is very slippery.

The perfect evening soak.


Haeckels: Pegwell Bay Candle

Haeckels Pegwell Bay candle
Taking you on a scent adventure this candle is the perfect piece of escapism to Pegwell Bay. Walking along the paths the scent of fennel perfumes the air between the salt marshes and grasses. This spicey, peppery candle is perfect for that weekend daydream. Simply burn to release the scent that will leave you home smelling of a trip away to Pegwell Bay.


The layers of scent:
Top: Spicy, peppery with notes of aniseed
Heart: Aromatic and fresh
Base: Green, woody, balsamic.




For the best way to unwind and relax Haeckels have created unique, sustainable products that introduce you to the benefits of nature.


These are just a few products from Haeckels, check out our full range here.