How to Clean Sneakers – A Guide to Jason Markk

Keeping your sneakers clean can be a tedious task and so finding the right shoe clean is important. Thankfully, Jason Markk offers the ideal cleaning solution to keeping your footwear fresh.

The LA brand, established in 2007, has continued to grow in popularity as more people convert to the premium shoe cleaning brand to keep their sneakers looking as good as new. Their coveted Premium Shoe Cleaner is perfect to use across various fabrics, including suede, leather, and canvas.

To get started with Jason Markk we would recommend the following products:

            Jason Markk Ready-To-Use Foam – The best option for a time saving clean.

            Jason Markk Repel Spray – Ideal for keeping your shoes protected.

            Jason Markk Suede Kit – Perfect for cleaning suede.

            Jason Markk Premium Brush – Your number one tool for cleaning your footwear.

     Jason Markk Quick Wipes – Great for maintaining

The Repel Spray creates a barrier against liquids and stains, it’s breathable and durable. The spray is safe to use on all materials and will not change the look of the colour or the material of the shoe. The Quick Wipes are perfect for that quick clean, with a double textured material and raised dots, it clears away dirt and keeps your footwear looking fresh.

Does Jason Markk Work?

It may sound too good to be true, that one brand can make your old sneakers and footwear look new, but Jason Markk products really do work! Not only does Jason Markk lift and clean dirt from your footwear but it also conditions and helps protect against wear and tear.

Jason Markk products can be used across a multiple range of fabrics and colours, so one product really can do it all. Also, there are no harsh chemicals or abrasives used and it is 100% biodegradable.

Jason Markk Ready-To-Use Foam on a Jason Markk Premium Brush

How to Clean Canvas Sneakers

For that deep clean to make your sneakers look like new.

  1. Begin dry brushing the sneaker to get rid of any loose dirt, which could turn into a stain when wet.
  2. Remove the laces and set them aside to clean separately.
  3. Get a bowl of water and dampen your Premium Brush, shake off any excess water and then add a couple of drops of the Premium Shoe Cleaner solution to the brush.
  4. Move in circular motions to remove the dirt.
  5. Once clean take a microfibre towel to dry off and soak up the moisture.
  6. Add the laces to the bowl of water and add a couple of drops of the Premium Shoe Cleaner onto the laces. Rub them with your hands to remove any dirt.
  7. Dry the laces with the microfibre cloth and then leave to dry completely.

A tip to cleaning canvas sneakers is to not get them too wet with water or solution.

If you want a speedier clean the Ready-To-Use Foam cuts out the need for a bowl as it is pre-diluted. For use follow the steps above without the need of the extra bowl of water.

How Often Should You Clean Sneakers?

Regular maintenance of sneakers will keep them in shape and prevent dirt build up. The Quick Wipes are ideal for a quick clean. The longer you neglect your sneakers the more difficult it will be to clean.

A weekly deep clean is recommended if you want to keep your footwear in prime condition.

Jason Markk shoe cleaning collection

Can Jason Markk Clean Suede?

Suede is notorious for being difficult to clean, it gets dirtier faster and stains easily. But Jason Markk makes cleaning suede easier with their Suede Kit and Ready-To-Use Foam.

  1. Use a dry suede brush to remove any loose dirt to prevent further staining.
  2. Lightly erase blemishes with the Eraser from the Suede Kit.
  3. Remember that minimal liquid is key, the Ready-To-Use Foam is ideal as it already comes pre-diluted. Use the foam with the Premium Brush to brush and target specific areas.
  4. Dry with a microfibre towel to blot moisture using a dabbing technique.

A tip is to keep up with dry brushing suede after each use to prevent dirt build up.

Jason Markk Suede Cleaning Kit

Can Jason Markk Clean Leather?

Leather is one of the easiest materials to clean, however, if the leather is fragile or premium a Jason Markk Premium Brush is best to use to prevent damage.

  1. Use a brush, or a premium brush if delicate, to remove loose dirt from the shoe.
  2. Apply a generous amount of solution onto the brush and dip into a bowl of water. Shake off excess water and begin brushing the shoe.
  3. Dry with a microfibre cloth.
  4. Use Quick Wipes, which are perfect for leather shoes, for a speedier clean.

Where to buy Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Products?

If you want to care for your footwear, you can shop our collection of Jason Markk here.

Or you can read more about Jason Markk and some of our other lifestyle brands here.

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