How to Layer for Spring

Spring is appearing along that horizon, winter melting away, but in this transitional period it becomes increasingly difficult in choosing what to wear. Layering is the solution when it comes to this period, layers keep you warm but are also easy to remove should you start to sweat.

A crucial mistake people make when it comes to the start of March is continuing to wear your autumn wardrobe. While a few pieces might come in handy at the very beginning of spring, it is important to swap out heavier fabrics for lighter ones which you can layer up with.

We’ve already covered the basics of layering in our Guide to Autumnal Layering which can be applied for layering for spring but just using lighter fabrics. To layer like a pro, you need to have a base layer, a mid-layer, and a top layer.

The base layer will be largely invisible, something short sleeved is a great idea for spring as the warmer temperatures don’t warrant a thicker base layer. The mid-layer is where you’ll need to pay the most attention to, choose a style that is well suited to the environment you’ll be in. This layer should also be just warm enough for comfort on cooler spring days, but not too heavy to make you feel uncomfortable. Finally, the top layer should be able to keep you protected from sudden spring showers, this layer should also be easy to pack away should you take it off.

When it comes to layering, remember that the purpose of layering is to take things on and off, the finer fabrics should be the closest to your skin, getting thicker as you move out. Also, as you’ll be taking layers on and off, your outfit needs to work in more than one combination. Ideally, stick to similar sorts of colours in varying tones, add different fabrics to mix up the look.

An advantage of layering for spring is the ability to have the middle and top layers open, jackets, shirts and overshirts are great for that middle or top layer. To give more depth, adding a graphic tee as a base layer, brings more interest to the outfit. As we move out of spring, these graphic tees are ideal as a top layer for summer. Check out our graphic tees collection here.



Essentials for Spring

When it comes to the type of clothes for spring there are some essential items you need to have in your wardrobe. Remember with spring you can begin to experiment with colours and fabrics, breaking away from the navy, black and grey that you were probably wearing all winter.

Pastel colours are great for adding some toned-down colour to your outfit during the spring. You can pair pastels with black, white, navy, and grey to create a subtle look that isn’t too over the top.

When it comes to a jacket for spring, a lighter option such as a bomber or denim jacket are good choices. These are great options to add as a top layer as they aren’t too heavy and are light to carry if you do get too warm.

T-Shirts should be considered as a base layer; they are great for layering on top of and can provide a foundation for your outfit. A classic white T-Shirt is timeless for spring/summer.

Sweats make great mid-layers. Easily chucked on over a tee when the day starts off chillier. Warm, comfortable, and stylish, sweats can be worn with pretty much anything. A hooded sweat is a great choice as an outer layer should the weather remain calm.

When looking at jeans, the springtime is perfect for swapping out some of those darker denims and switching to some lighter washes. Lighter washed jeans are great for making an outfit lighter and are such an easy swap.

Tech-Wear for Spring

How to layer for spring

Technological fabrics are great for this transitional period. Tech-wear combines aesthetics, utility, and comfort with an emphasis on unrestricted movement, breathability, and water resistance.

Tech-wear is ideal for layering as it is both lightweight and durable. Many of these fabrics are also designed to wick away moisture from the body so are great for base-layers.

Similarly, many of these fabrics are water-resistant and lightweight which is perfect for using as an outer layer.

Brands such as Nanamica, And Wander, and Gramicci use technical fabrics throughout their designs, creating functional clothing which is perfect for this time of year!

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