How To Tell If A Belstaff Jacket Is Authentic?

Belstaff are the iconic designers of jackets, defining the biker look over the decades. However, with such a staple brand there are bound to be imitations and copycat garments, making you ask the question how to spot a fake Belstaff jacket? We’re here to guide you through the tell-tale indicators of a genuine Belstaff jacket that replicas can’t make a true copy of.

Belstaff have been making an impact since being founded in 1924 by Eli Belovitch and his son-in-law, Harry Grosberg. The Stoke-on-Trent brand grew in popularity for its quality and designs, soon becoming the adventurers’ choice of brand.

Jackets which were originally designed to survive the harsh weathers and conditions of the Scottish Six Days Trial, they have now become staple pieces of the motorcycle community and in the fashion industry.

These high-quality jackets have continued to grow in popularity. When buying a Belstaff jacket you’re also buying into the rich history of the brand. Therefore, it’s important to recognise what is the real brand and what’s a duplicate designed to take your money from you. 


Belstaff Logo on Sleeve


The logo is iconic of the Belstaff brand. In the image of a phoenix, it is the easiest way to define if the product is genuine or not. Watch out for inconsistencies with the logo and pay particular attention to the wings of the phoenix. Compare the jacket’s logo with a genuine one – the logo on their website is a great place to check – if there are any differences then you know that it’s a fake.


The logo features on the left sleeve of most Belstaff jackets. While not all designs do have the badge on the sleeve, if your one does ensure that it is on the left. If not, then you’re likely to be looking at a fake. It can be such a simple thing, the jacket may look genuine, but ensure that there is a badge on the left if it’s an original Belstaff.

Belstaff metal detailing


Metal details on Belstaff jackets are distinct and perfect to determine whether the jacket is genuine or fake. Details such as buttons will feature the Belstaff branding, and belt buckles will also feature the branding. It is a subtle thing to look out for but definitive if a jacket is authentic or not.

4.      ZIPS

Besides from metal details like buttons and belts, zips are also great for inspecting to see if a jacket is real Belstaff or not. Zips are usually rounded on genuine jackets, designed on motorcycle handlebars or pedals, the zips are distinct to Belstaff jackets. It is a refined way to check whether the Belstaff jacket is real or fake.



Waxed Cotton Belstaff jackets are made using heavy ounces of cotton. The designs of these jackets are timeless, the Trialmaster and the Dunstall being some staples. Calling back to their traditions, these waxed cotton jackets hold just as much character their leather counterparts.

The benefit of buying waxed cotton is that it is a more agreeable cloth, comfortable and flexible but with the addition of the wax ensures that it remains rugged. The wax also adds character and that element of luxury to the jacket; as the cotton ages it moulds to your shape and fit.

Waxed Belstaff jackets also add that layer of waterproofing to the garment. Belstaff were one of the first to make this style of fabric the go-to for water-resistant outerwear. Leaders in this movement, other brands soon followed. While they may be made of waxed cotton, the detailing and dedication into the jacket is just the same as the leather. 

Belstaff Waxed Cotton Jacket


Genuine Belstaff clothing have their benefits over buying a copycat product. Unlike replicas, Belstaff jackets are enriched in their history, they understand how to make a high-quality leather jacket that is made to last.

Investing in Belstaff ensures that you’re buying a jacket that is designed to withstand no matter the activity. Robust against the harsher elements and designed to be worn on a motorcycle, Belstaff jackets also only use the purest of fabrics with most of their jackets being made up of a few core materials. Leather, cotton, and viscose are some of the primary components in the Belstaff jackets here at Copperfield.

Belstaff jackets made using 100% leather outing ensure that quality timeless look, with the smell and feel of real leather. Real leather also offers greater protection from harsher weather conditions and is a perfect layer of protection if riding a motorcycle.

100% leather jackets are also ideal for regulating temperature, acting like a second skin. It doesn’t allow moisture to seep through but allows it to filter out and travel to the surface of the garment.

100% waxed leather Belstaff Jacket

Next time you’re on the lookout for a genuine Belstaff leather jacket make sure to inspect it carefully to ensure what you’re buying is the real deal. It’s easy to be persuaded to buy fake but you’d miss out on the excellence and quality that is Belstaff

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