Introducing Beams Plus

Beams Plus makes its Copperfield debut with its Spring/Summer 22 collection. We’re excited to introduce to you this innovative brand and showcase their designs!

A private-label brand which started in 1999 by Japanese lifestyle retailer Beams, Beams Plus brings together American styles with Japanese craftsmanship.

The parent company Beams began in 1976, a tiny shop in Harajuku, Tokyo. Influenced by images of American culture that the youth saw on TV and film, a small group of young men travelled to California on the hunt for American fashion. When they returned with bags full of American fashion and lifestyle products to sell, the brand of Beams was born.

Beams Plus at Copperfield

Beams Plus was subsequently launched to sustain the company’s passion for genuine American styles. Drawing from the Golden Age of America from the mid-1940s to the mid-1960s, to create authentic styles with a Japanese flare.

Four main uniform categories were fostered from America’s Golden Age, these were American trad, work, sports, and military styles. Beams Plus sees the timeless beauty in the functional designs, honouring these traditions in its modern interpretations.

Directed by Hideki Mizobata, Beams Plus pursues the authenticity in next-generation casualwear. Their range takes inspiration from rugged, heritage, and workwear styles, with modern cuts and materials crafted with a Japanese attention to detail.

This is a simple, unfussy approach to menswear, mixing classic elements and traditional silhouettes into something new and refreshing.

Beams Plus Spring/Summer 2022 Collection


The Spring/Summer 22 collection from Beams Plus continues to draw on authentic American designs. With natural fabrics and longevity in mind, this collection transcends the current season, making them staples for years to come.

Indigo plays a prominent role in this season’s collection from Beams Plus, with natural indigo yarns used in a variety of fabrics. An authentic menswear look, Beams Plus uses indigo to pursue this original look in casual wear that follows the next generation.

Beams Plus at Copperfield

At Copperfield we have chosen some key pieces from their SS22 collection as a perfect introduction to the brand in our stores and online! Vintage American styles with a Japanese flare and attention to detail.

Explore our Beams Plus collection here, or head in-store to browse the collection in person!