Meet the Brand: Aries

Meet the newest brand to arrive at Copperfield: Aries. The cult streetwear brand that merges with high-end fashion, Aries is loved for its ease of clothing and sense of humour. The brand effortlessly blurs the gender fashion binary, creating genderless clothing and breaks down the boundaries set out in the clothing world.

Aries’ collections pull from an expansive list of 80s and 90s influences, themes which encompass everything from skateboarding sub-culture, the rave scene, and cyberpunk to name a few. Aries is unapologetic with their bold graphics and relaxed cuts, linking them back to their streetwear aesthetic. However, this is also alongside delicate hand finished detailing and bespoke pattern cutting to elevate their streetwear looks with high-end fashion. Clothing that is masterful in craftsmanship but without looking out of place in a local skate shop.

Aries continues to explore and reinterpret iconic fashion history looks, mixing them with the quality expected of a luxury brand. They find themselves free from the pressures of high-street expectations, allowing them to interpret new designs and looks. They can delve into their fascination for the deep societal implications clothing can have and create something new and unique. Aries has some staple looks from their famous tie-dye pieces to their iconic ‘No Problemo’ designs.


Who founded Aries?

Aries was founded by designer Sofia Pantera, who owned the cult streetwear label Silas, and graphic artist Fergus Purcell, known for designing the iconic Palace Skateboards logo. The pair met during their time working at Slam City Skates in the 90s and hit it off with their joint passions of cultural interests, streetwear designs and comic books.

The brand was founded in 2012 when Sofia felt that streetwear wasn’t given the credit in which it deserved, wanting people to see it as something more. She grew the brand from her own experimentations with dyeing and cutting up clothes at home, into something bigger than just a streetwear brand. The pair set their sights on creating something that wasn’t bound by high-street constraints, something that could be streetwear and high fashion at the same time. Giving an elevated touch to classic street-inspired tropes.

With a few high-profile collaborations and a boom in streetwear fashion in 2014, Aries has continued to grow in popularity. Notable collaborations include brands such as New Balance, Vans, Suickoe, and Stüssy, as well as countless of photographers. Alongside these collaborations, Aries was nominated in the categories of emerging womenswear and emerging menswear in 2018 and 2019 at the fashion awards.


Aries brand logo

What is the meaning behind the Aries logo?

Sofia left the naming of the brand down to Purcell, having trusted his knowledge in the industry and their designs. The name of the brand stems from Purcell’s own interest with star signs, plus the fact that he himself is an Aries. But it was also the qualities of the Aries star sign that aligned with the brand’s ethos, these qualities are striving to come first, being a leader, and having a fierce competitive drive. Perfectly summing up the brand.

The logo of Aries was a vital part in conveying the intention and ethos of the brand whilst also serving as a way to convey their meaning. After a few designs they settled on the famous Temple logo you see today. The Temple logo was designed with reference to classic Italian luxury brands such as Versace and Moschino, plus tying in with the brand name and ethos.


Aries at Copperfield

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