Meet The Brand: Danner Boots

A well-established master in hiking boots, lightweight and breathable in design. A brand of high acclaim and one which is admired here at Copperfield.

 Image of man handmaking Danner Boots

Established in Portland, Oregon in 1932 by Charles Danner, with the vision to make high-quality yet affordable logging boots. Since then, the brand has grown and expanded, designing logging and work wear boots, hiking and combat, to more everyday lifestyle pieces in recent years.

 Portland landscape - the inspiration for Danner boots

Said to be inspired by the nature and tree-capped landscapes of Portland, their boots are comfortable for any outdoor activity. A long-standing heritage brand with a renegade spirit, designed for pioneers and adventurers.

Their commitment to high-quality craftsmanship with their deep respect for the uncompromising landscape, defines Danner Boots.

 People using sewing machines to make Danner Boots

From their humble beginnings, the brand has grown, propelled through World War Two and earning themselves their legacy. In 1957 the company opened their first retail store and changed hands from Charles to his sons. Since then, the brand has continued to evolve and create classic staples which have helped build their reputation.

In 1973 their most iconic boot was released: The Danner 6490 Mountain Trial boot. This became the must have for walkers and adventurers, being lightweight and comfortable but also durable on any terrain.

 Close up of Danner Boots logo

Since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength. Collaborations and partnerships have given Danner the edge above all others, including their long-term partnership with Gore-Tex. Danner were the first brand to create a completely waterproof hiking boot when they collaborated with W.L. Gore & Accessories (commonly known as Gore-Tex) in 1979.

Their designs and collaborations helped Danner pave the way in the hiking boot industry.

Close up of Danner Boots X Gore-Tex Brown Close up of Danner Boots X Gore-Tex Black

Danner boots are built to last and will keep you trekking no matter the conditions or terrain. Their superior craftsmanship and passion for high-quality materials make this brand unique from any other hiking boot.

The timeless working ethos and passion for the best makes them the perfect fit for us at Copperfield.

We can’t wait to showcase these boots to you. Check out our collection of Danner boots here.