Meet the Brand: Nanamica

 A mix of fashion and functionality, Nanamica transcends gender and age in their neutral designs. Well-designed technical garments which have become a favourite here at Copperfield.

 Nanamica logo on scarf

The History of Nanamica

The Tokyo based brand was founded by Eiichiro Homma in 2003, it was Homma’s desire to make fashionable items using technical fabrics. With his 18 years’ experience in the industry, he turned his focus onto the brand, producing clothing that was both fashionable but with a performance driven construction.

The brand name reflects the ethos of the company, Nanamica in Japanese meaning ‘house of the seven seas’, reflects their aspirations towards an adventurous life. With ‘One Ocean, All Lands’ as the brand’s mantra, this also reflects their dream to reach all of mankind and support a peaceful way of living.


Gore-Tex Nanamica bucket hat Gore-Tex Nanamica  Jacket

Nanamica’s clothing mixes fashion and functionality with a focus on outdoor casualwear. By using technical fabrics such as Gore-Tex, Cool Max and ALPHADRY, to name a few, the garments are more than just fashion items.

The designs combine a classic aesthetic and understated elegant design. Their goal is to create a simple looking menswear piece from afar, but with scientific materials to ensure that it is performance ready.

One ocean, all land Nanamica tagline

Neutral designs ensures that the company follows with their mantra of ‘All Land’ as they appeal to anyone. Their aesthetic is not geared towards one demographic but is unisex, breaking the boundaries of genre and gender.

With an aim to provide high quality items to their customers, their products can remain part of people’s lives for a long time. A durability in their high-performance wear which remains functional over the years.

 One ocean, all land Nanamica Slogan

Nanamica offer a great selection of technical and fashionable clothing.

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