Meet the Brand: Novesta

Novesta is a staple footwear brand specialising in vulcanised rubber and cotton canvas. With a staple design, Novesta shoes are handmade by experts using traditional methods.

Novesta Star Dribble stacked on basketball

Where are Novesta Shoes Made?

Novesta shoes are made in their original factory in the small town of Partizánske, Slovakia. The brand set roots there in 1939 when Jan Antonin Bata opened a new factory with the ambition to develop and create footwear that would be practical, fashionable, and comfortable. 

With a sustainable heritage, Novesta shoes are designed with longevity in mind. Materials used are transparent, fair, and sustainable, using VFCS certified natural rubber and GOTS organic cotton certified uppers.

After Bata died in 1952, it wasn’t until 1992 that Novesta officially launched with a vision to continue the legacy of his work. Each style continues to be made in the original factory using the same machinery, fabrics, and local production methods. The machine-press technique joins the natural rubber outsole to the base of the shoe, removing the need for toxic glues.

With imaginative designs and timeless looks, Novesta shoes are proud of their heritage and carry on the legacy of Bata.

Novesta Star Master sneakers  

The Novesta Star Master

The signature shoe of Novesta is the Star Master. With a low-key aesthetic influenced by military sports shoes, this design is both simple and versatile. Carrying the brand’s signature chunky textured sole made from vulcanised rubber which ensures its durability.

The Star Master was produced for half a century in Slovakia, every pair is handmade from the finest rubber and canvases. These shoes are comfortable and have a rugged determination.

The Novesta Star Dribble

Combining the chunky sole silhouette with the timeless basketball boot shape, the Novesta Star Dribble is a high-top shoe made in the Novesta tradition. It is the ideal shoe for a myriad of looks

Novesta Star Dribble Sneakers

Novesta Marathon Sneakers

The Novesta Marathon

An elegant style shoe, inspired by the classic running shoe, the Novesta Marathon is a sleek essential with a splash of decadence.

Originally produced in Partizánske for the Czechoslovakia Olympic team that travelled to Seoul for the 1988 Olympic Games, the Marathons quickly became a mainstay in Slovakia.


How to Clean Novesta Shoes?

The first thing is to determine the materials used to make the shoes. Leather, suede, canvas, and rubber require a different amount of care when it comes to cleaning your shoes.

For our in-depth guide on how to clean sneakers, read our how to guide here.

Novesta Star Dribble Black

Where to Buy Novesta?

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