Meet the Brand: OrSlow

It’s the answer to the ever-evolving landscape which is fast-fashion, the antidote to a pace which is unrelenting. Designed to take things slow and appreciate the craft in making clothing.

 Photo of Ichiro Nakatsu

The brainchild of Japanese designer Ichiro Nakatsu whose love and penchant for denim and military workwear inspired the brand. Conceived in 2005, Nakatsu’s passion for Americana – a common inspiration in Japanese menswear (think 1950s ivy-league), and drive in scouring vintage stores has resulted in what we describe as classic and clean, with unparalleled quality.


Maybe it’s the fact that Nakatsu’s office is in the city of Nishinomiya with its parks and rivers, juxtaposed with its neighbouring city Osaka – Japan’s second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo – which allows for a more considerate approach and that attention to detail evident in his designs. There is an attempt to achieve perfection while appreciating individuality in the wearer.

 Close up of OrSlow jeans 105

Whatever the reason, and although new to us, OrSlow has been carving its place in the fashion industry for well over a decade. Nakatsu’s appreciation for the craftsmanship found in the classics of Levi’s, and the practicality of military workwear, propelled the brand. Each OrSlow piece is made in Japan using specialist machinery. There is an interpretation of the past in their craftmanship but adding a modern take and impression on their garments.


OrSlow has a genuine quality that others seem to miss. The character of the pieces and the detail demonstrate the passion and drive to produce long lasting clothing. There is an authenticity in their clothing and denim washes. It is a brand with an ethos in-line with our own, OrSlow is known for product design with functionality, a fail-safe combination that stands the test of time.

 Close up of OrSlow denim shirt

There’s something to be said about taking inspiration from an accumulation of decades’ worth of collecting denim design and the ability to rediscover, recreate and reinvent. OrSlow is both adaptable and innovative.

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