Meet the Brand: Rains

With their simplistic take on rainwear, Rains combines fashion with functionality in creating garments to keep you dry while allowing you to continue to show your originality.

Rains rain jacket green drawstrings

Founded near Aarhus, Denmark, in 2012 by Daniel Brix and Philip Lotko, who had the vision to create a brand rooted in Danish tradition. They wanted to focus on elevating the practical designs of rainwear, creating clean and simplistic styles suited to the weather and the wearer's originality.

The name of brand celebrates the weather to which the products are designed to protect the wearer from. Attempting to reclaim the word ‘rain’ and turn it into a revel, allowing the wearer opportunity despite the drizzle rather than the traditional association of inconvenience and gloom.

Rains rain jacket charcoal Rains rain jacket green

Denmark, on average, has around 170 days of rain a year, so there’s no wonder why this Danish brand are the masters of rainwear. Lightweight, breathable, and weatherproof, their garments are ideal for our soggy British days.

With a simple and functional approach, Rains pursues an individuality within their products. The brand ensures an aesthetic and expression of the product which allows the wearer to show off their own style.

Rains designs are always innovating and pushing through the boundaries of traditional rainwear, combining fashion and function. The pieces are made from matte looking, flexible and water resistant, PU (polyurethane) coated fabrics, which give it a classic look and protects the wearer.

Clean lines and minimal silhouettes make up their collection and demonstrate their Danish style, adding a contemporary twist on the classic rubber raincoat. Despite their fashion forward designs, their apparel is crafted to withstand even the stormiest of weathers.

Rains Bum Bag Rains day backpack

Over the years the brand has grown in popularity, becoming a staple in Denmark and the rest of Europe. Rains has secured its space in the fashion scene with their innovative and reinvented classics, hitting the perfect balance between form and function.

Becoming market leaders in stylish outerwear, Rains is a brand empowering the wearer to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather. Simple and clean in design, the perfect rainwear for a global citizen.

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