Meet the Brand: Snow Peak

A brand that demands respect in the camping industry. Leaders and innovators of camping. It is a loved brand here at Copperfield. From the simplicity of their designs to the ethos of the brand. Let us introduce you to Snow Peak.

Snow Peak Fire Pit

Starting in 1958, Yukio Yamai founded Snow Peak from his climbing of the famous Tanigawa Mountain in Japan. Yamai was dissatisfied by the camping equipment he found so decided to push forward with making his own brand of camping gear.

Starting at his hometown of Tsubame Sanjo, he began to craft his equipment with the help of the highly skilled craftsmen that lived there. As you may have noticed, most of the camping equipment is made from titanium, this metal is notoriously difficult to work with, however, the expertise of the locals ensures that the products are faultless. Decades of experience ensures that each product is meticulously designed, achieving perfection.

Snow Peak Mini Hozuki camping light Snow Peak Mini Hozuki camping light

As the brand shifted and evolved, new styles came about from the camping movement in Japan known as auto-camping. Snow Peak was able to create innovative equipment that wasn’t on the Japanese market. The minimalist and functional designs give this brand a distinct and clean aesthetic.

The technology used in this brand ensures that each product is durable, designed to last more than just the one camping trip. From tents to sporks, the technology used materials such as titanium which allows for long use and has a high quality.

 Snow Peak Titanium Chopsticks

Since humble beginnings the brand have now expanded into the fashion industry, with their spring and autumn collections using the technology they’re built on with the demands of the season. Using breathable, lightweight fabrics for warmer seasons, to thicker, insulated fabrics for the winter months. A blend which is working well for the brand which has now grown them worldwide.

The ethos and messaging of the brand is something that makes it stand out. Despite their growth they refer to their beginnings, striving to make products for the close-knit community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. Promoting their “We Are Users” ethos and encouraging a reconnection to the natural world.

Snow Peak is a versatile brand for any camping or outdoor enthusiast. Designed to promote quality and products which last more than one camping trip. 

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Snow Peak plates