Meet the Brand: Stepney Workers Club

An innovative British footwear brand which has been at Copperfield for a few years now. With free thinking designs and signature styles.

Stepney Workers Club logo

Established in East London by Simon See and Roger Pereira, the brand prides itself in its roots and its rich heritage. With a personal connection to the old Stepney Workers Sports Club – ‘an anti-fascist, anti-war club born in the 1920s’, the brand encompasses the values and ethos of the past club.

The iconic handshake logo is also inspired by their heritage, epitomising their ethos: ‘freedom of thought. Freedom of sport’. The logo and motto represent the values, liberal thinking and unity associated with these groups.

Stepney Workers club sneaker logo Stepney Workers Club sneaker logo

Their freethinking comes across in their footwear designs, using a variety of fabrics including pony hair and cotton canvas, demonstrates a creative flare. The design of their classic Dellow sneaker strikes the perfect balance between heritage and casual athleisure styling.

In creating their staples, the brand turns to 70s, 80s, and 90s sub-culture for inspiration. In their construction they use classic techniques including a fully vulcanised sneaker inspired by the 50s and 60s.

Stepney Workers Club celebrates bygone construction methods but adds a modern flare using contemporary techniques. They use localised manufacturing methods and sustainable resourcing.

 Stepney workers club sneakers beige and black

S.W.C have developed the reputation of being easy going and mellow minded in terms of their creative direction. A distinctively British aesthetic which is easy to style and comfortable to wear. Perfect for everyday life.

Over the years the brand has explored new designs and nods to varying trends. Their utilitarian aesthetics and ode to classic workwear tradition are some of the most popular variations.

Stepney Workers Club free thinking designs are unique and comfortable, perfect for the everyday.


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