Nanamica’s Comfortable Tech-Wear for SS22

The Japanese brand which mixes fashion and functionality, Nanamica clothing and accessories transcends the boundaries of genre, age, or gender.

Eiichiro Homma founded Nanamica in 2003, with Homma’s passion for the ocean, the brand began creating clothing and accessories with the ocean in mind. The brand name highlights their passion for the ocean, Nanamica meaning ‘house of the seven seas’ in Japanese. Their clothing is inspired by their mantra of ‘One Ocean, All Lands’ which explores the idea that we are all connected by the ocean, which brings us all together as one. This mantra influences their designs where they create clothing to suit everyone, regardless of age or gender.

One Ocean, All Lands Nanamica

Technology and quality play a big role in the brand, using specialist fabrics such as ALPHADRY, Gore-Tex, and CoolMax to name a few, to create garments that feel good and serve purpose. Even in basic wardrobe staples such as a classic t-shirt, there is hidden functionalities such as CoolMax fabric to wick away moisture and keep the wearer comfortable. Nanamica has a unique combination of high-performance technical fabrics and understated elegant design.

Nanamica SS22 Collection

Nanamica SS22 CollectionNanamica’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection focuses on ‘heart warming Life-Tech wear’ where comfort is at the forefront of the season. With three themes, the collection explores our everyday lives and incorporates function and comfort into their designs.

The first theme is ‘heading into the office’, with creatives heading into the city in mind, Nanamica have created versatile clothing for that daily commute. Water resistant clothing and accessories are at the forefront which use Gore-Tex fabrics to keep the wearer and their items dry.  

Looking towards the ‘new normal’, Nanamica brings ‘home office wear’ with their second theme. Bringing comfort for working within our private space, Nanamica creates office wear that is ideal for both relaxing and concentrating in.

Nanamica SS22 Collection

Finally, Nanamica explores their mantra of ‘One Ocean, All Lands’, where a day off at the beach is the image of the theme. With clothing which are ideal for spending time at the beach, feeling the mood of the ocean. Tech wear is also at the forefront where classic styles are upgraded for ease of use at the beach.

As per the brand, Nanamica steers away from passing trends and this collection is no different, styles are genderless, seasonless, ageless and genre-less, which can be used for a long time to come. Garments have been created to feel as natural as possible, with undyed cotton for the linings for all of their outerwear.

Wearing what you feel comfortable in is key to this collection. Making the wearer feel relaxed in long-lasting tech wear.

Nanamica SS22 Collection Nanamica SS22 Collection

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