Copperfield is a retailer with an aim to elevate people’s lives and cultural interests. Our selection of globally curated goods provides a tiered brand mix to provide high taste solutions to all types of end customers. We stock simple, well manufactured, and great quality products. We want to educate the consumer to understand the quality of the product and to also understand the origins of the brands we carry. It is important to who we are, to educate our customers and community on the various concepts and ethos of these brands. We provide high-quality brands that the more mature demographic we attract can connect and grow with, but we also provide an exciting and in touch brand mix that brings our younger demographic value.

Through our globally curated brand mix we provide products that are both functional and aspirational to make sure the product is servicing the needs of our customers the most. We believe in empowering our community because our community is a group of friends and family that enrich each other’s tastes through our shared values, cultural interests and needs.

We are committed to sourcing and showcasing brands from around the world who value high-quality materials and craftsmanship, innovative manufacturing processes and highly functional product design to the community and culture that has supported the Copperfield brand.