Haeckels: Traditional Seaweed Bath


Haeckels: Traditional Seaweed bath

Used for years due its skin repairing properties this Seaweed bath will let you soak and help your skin whilst washing away the daily stresses. Full of anti-oxidants and vitamins this will help your skin to become replenished.

Seaweed harvested locally.

How to use. 

Run a very hot bath and let the seaweed soak in the water to release its oils and then add cold water to get the bath to temperature before getting in. The seaweed can be removed from the included soaking sack if you wish.

The bath can become slippery so be careful when entering and leaving the bath.

Seaweed can be died and reused within 3 days. 

This also makes a great fertiliser when finished with.

Fucus Vesiculosis. (Bladderwrack)