P.F. Candle Co.

P.F. CANDLE CO. :No. 11 Amber & Moss Incense


P.F. CANDLE CO. :No. 11 Amber & Moss Incense

A simple classic incense that's made using a charcoal dipped method to infuse you room for hours even after the stick has extinguished. Scent of Sage, Moss and Lavender.

To use light the end for 10-15 seconds and gently blow on the end to extinguish the flame. The ember will gently smoke and release the scent into your room. Use over a heatproof surface such as a bowl to catch any falling embers. Keep away from flammable materials when in use. 

Lasts between 2-4 hours depending on room size. 

Each set contains 15 sticks.

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