Guide to Autumnal Layering

When the summer memories are starting to fade, and thoughts go towards Halloween and Fireworks, we notice the temperature start to drop. Instead of reaching for the big winter coat too early, autumnal layering is the perfect option for that added warmth as we embrace the season.

But how to layer for the cooler months? Whether it’s a fleece, knit, or over-shirt, there are plenty of ways to layer for autumn. Read on for our top tips to layer for autumn.


Three based layeringThree Base Layering:

  1. Base Layer – lightweight and breathable
  2. Mid Layer – comfort and style
  3. Top Layer – protection from the elements

Using a three base layering system is a great place to start when layering for autumn. It is essential when thinking about what pieces to wear.

For the base layer you want something that is light and draws moisture away from the skin. Fabrics such as cotton, linen or merino wool are perfect for this. You want to radiate your temperature, otherwise you’ll get too hot and sweaty that you’ll end up striping off to the basic base layer.

The mid layer is arguably the layer to put most thought into, after all it’s the layer most people are going to see. Garments such as jumpers, hoodies, or button shirts are some of your best options.

Top layers are going to provide you with the most protection. Choosing something waterproof is a great choice as is something a little heavier encase if the weather is colder than expected. Gilets, over-shirts, and fleeces are great options.

Overshirt image 


These are great for layering over t-shirts of sweatshirts. Solid in their construction, over-shirts provides warmth and style for the autumn months.

Over-shirts are the perfect choice if a jacket is too much, and a typical shirt is not enough. They provide a smarter look or can be styled in a more relaxed way.

Bored of the typical button up over-shirts? There are a variety of half zip up options, in varying materials to offer a lighter weight option.

 Gilets autumn layering


Often associated with farming or country living, the gilet is making a stylish rename of itself. It is now a stylish option to help you stay warm.

Gilets are great for adding texture and tone to an outfit, offering a relaxed look while adding that extra warmth. They are perfect for concealing under a waterproof jacket too and are easy to pack away if the weather gets that bit warmer.

The gilet is the perfect go to layer if the weather is a little hit and miss.


Knitwear layering



A well known go to for when the weather gets colder. Jumpers and cardigans are great options for that added layer of warmth.

Different types of wools make knitwear the perfect option throughout the whole of autumn. Merino wool is breathable, keeping you cool during the heat and warm in the cold. Thin and lightweight, merino wool is also great as a base layer. Cable knit is the ideal heavy knit for those colder days, a staple that isn’t going out of style. Chunky and guaranteed to keep you warm, simple to wear on its own or layer over a shirt for a smarter look.

Cardigans are often overlooked, perceived to be something that your grandad might wear. However, they are making a comeback and offer ease and comfort. Great for throwing over a t-shirt or a polo. Brands are adding style back into the cardigan, bright colours and bold designs add a fresher feel to the garment.


We offer a wide range of layering options, find them below.