Men’s Guide to Winter Jackets

Nights are drawing in. Summer memories long since faded. Autumn leaves turned to mud. Winter has dug its claws in and are not letting go. Your choice of armour against the cold is a trusty winter jacket, designed to keep you toasty no matter the elements.

Whether it’s a frosty morning commute or you’ve decided to brave the elements an take a crisp walk in a local woodland, a winter jacket is essential in keeping you warm. But buying a winter jacket can be a tricky ordeal, after all it could be what you’d be wearing for the entire season of even the next few years.

A winter jacket is an investment piece, so choosing the right one is crucial. It is also the most functional piece in your wardrobe, they serve to protect you against the elements and keep you warm despite falling temperatures. It is important, then, to spend some time finding the right jacket. The jacket that is perfect for your pursuits and activities.

We’re going to highlight to you three winter jacket styles, these are three styles which work well for winter.



This style of jacket is the perfect insulator, the soft and warm under feathers from duck or geese keep the wearer warm and cosy throughout the winter. The loft of the down creates tiny pockets of air within the jacket, this air then traps the warm air from the wearer and retains the heat. Down jackets are ideal to keep you extremely warm during the minus temperatures.

Goose down jackets are traditionally regarded as the warmest and lightest of the feathers used. However, duck or a mix of the two are cheaper but heavier than jackets made exclusively using goose feathers.


The perfect down jacket should not be too fitted nor too loose, you need to have enough room for layers underneath. Cuffed waists and sleeves also help seal in the warmth in the jacket, it is a feature to keep an eye out for. Similarly, padded lined pockets are ideal to keep cold hands warm.

Down jackets with waterproof outer lining are ideal for the winter, allowing you to stay warm while also keeping you dry during snowy or rainy days. 


The Rain JacketMan wearing the A.P.C Mac Ville

A rain jacket in the winter months is great for keeping you dry and keeping you warm. Originally designed by Charles Macintosh in 1823 using a waterproof fabric of his own design, the rain jacket has been a go to garment for many over the years. Since 1823, the designs have been more unique and versatile, and fabrics have advanced.

Man wearing the A.P.C Mac Ville

Hybrid styles demonstrate the rain jackets adaptability over the years, using varying fabrics to help insulate the jacket ensures a warm yet breathable fit. Some fabric brands to look out for include Gore-Tex and Pertex eVent.

If you can’t find a thick enough rain jacket, a lighter thinner jacket works great for layering beneath thicker outercoats.

Man wearing the A.P.C Mac Ville

The Shearling Jacket

Man wearing YMC Shearling Jacket

Sheepskin has been keeping us warm since 4000 BC, it is an ideal fabric which works as a great insulator. Used in varying styles such as the classic bomber jacket look worn by U.S pilots in the 40s.

Shearling jackets keep you warm in the harshest of conditions, it is a winter staple. Along with being amazingly warm, these jackets are super soft, proving an excellent investment piece. They are stronger and more rugged than some other jackets on offer, they are also warmer than goose or duck down.

These jackets are also waterproof which make them perfect for snowy or rainy conditions. It is a versatile jacket that is ideal for winter.Man wearing Y.M.C Shearling Jacket

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