Men’s Jeans Fit Guide

Jeans are often described as a second skin, most of us wear them daily. A good pair of denim jeans can last for a long time and are versatile for various occasions, therefore it is important to get the right pair of jeans that fit right.

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But choosing a pair of jeans can be easier said than done. There’s the shape of the jeans, the rise, the length, the fabric, and ultimately, they need to be comfortable and fit well if you’re going to be wearing them all the time. Plus buying jeans online means you lose out on trying them on in person, feeling the fabric, and you don’t have someone there to help guide you through the jeans.

Our jeans fit guide is here to go through the different styles to look out for, how to measure a pair of jeans to fit your body, and the different styles of fabrics out there.


Men's Jean Fit Guide Men's Jean Fit Guide

Types of Men’s Jeans Fits

The goal is to find a pair of jeans that balances out your proportions and highlights your best attributes. Finding the right fit is important for your body shape.

Super Skinny

As the name might suggest, this is the tightest fitting of all jeans. It hugs the body even tighter than a skinny fit.


While still hugging the body, it isn’t as tight as the super skinny fit. The jeans hug the body from hip to ankle for a tight, but not too tight fit.

Tapered Slim

In this style of jean there is a little more room. Around the seat and thighs of the jean there is that bit of room, while it narrows from the knee down to create a more of a tapered fit.


This style is designed to sit close to the seat, with a slim fitted look throughout the leg. This creates a slender effect, without it being too close to the body.


This fit is straight all the way from the hip through the leg. This fit is a little looser around the calves with a slightly more relaxed seat.


Designed with room in the seat and the thighs. The fit narrows at the knee which then widens towards the hem.


As the name suggests this fit is the roomiest of them all. Sitting away from the seat, thighs, and legs to create a loose and roomy fit.

How to Measure the Length of Jeans?

The length of the jeans is important when it comes to finding the perfect fit. Too long or short will throw out your proportions.

The golden rule is that you want the break of the jeans (where the leg ends) to be just where your feet begin. Without wearing shoes, the back of the jean should just kiss the floor while the hem rests on your instep. Avoid the bunched-up look where jeans gather at the legs.

To measure the leg, you should start from the crotch and then measure all the way down to the leg opening.

The Waist on Men’s Jeans

Jeans should sit perfectly around the waist, there shouldn’t be a need for a belt. The waist should sit where it isn’t too droopy in the rear. Different rises can help you achieve a different look, it is best to choose a rise that helps to balance out proportions.

There are four main rises, these are high-rise, low-rise, mid-rise, and drop crotch. Depending on your body shape there may be a certain rise that works well for you.

The rise can also help to proportion your body, if you’re a shorter guy avoid a low-rise, instead opt for a mid-rise to add balance to your proportions. Similarly, if you’re a taller guy try to avoid a high-rise as these may make your legs look longer, mid, or low-rise are the better options.

The Thighs on Jeans

Jeans should fit comfortably and should suit your body and shape. In the thigh area, jeans should lie close to the skin without feeling like it is pulling at the knees when you walk or bend down.

The pinch test is a good idea to see if the jeans fit. Try to pinch some fabric around the thighs, there should be a minimum pinch of around 0.5 inches of fabric. If you pinch more than an inch each thigh you know you’ve gone too big. Similarly, if you can’t pinch any fabric at all it’s probably best to go up a size!

The Fabric of Jeans

Whether you’re a traditionalist when it comes to jeans or you prefer that extra bit of stretch, the fabric plays a big part in the fit of jeans.

Traditionally, denim is made from 100% cotton, known as rigid denim. Rigid denim is superior in rendering textual wash effects. It is that classic quality that comes from 100% cotton denim.

Selvedge denim is a type of rigid denim, offering higher quality than that of other denims. This fabric is weaved on authentic looms and, unlike other denims, does not fray. Explore more about selvedge denim in our blog post here.

Stretch denim is becoming more popular with denim makers. Cotton is wrapped around a strand of spandex to create a pliable fabric. Stretch denim is more comfortable than 100% cotton jeans, allowing room for the wearer. However, stretch denim loses its shape and look, over time stretch denim gets saggy with wear.

Types of Denim Jeans Washes

Types of Denim Washes

An important part of their appeal is the denim wash. The distressed, aged and worn look that is still intact and functional is a staple of jeans and denim. There are five common washes to keep an eye out for.

Rinse Wash

This wash keeps the appearance of the denim as dark as possible. It is also the simplest of washes in that it removes excess indigo dye to create a dark colour.

Stone Wash

By using pumice stones in the washing process to accelerate the aging process. The stones remove the indigo dye and helps to create a worn look.

Acid Wash

Pumice stones are pre-soaked in an acid solution. This wash creates yellow splotch or a whitening effect. Parts of the garment are lighter, and others are darker.

Bleach Wash

Like acid wash, a strong oxidated bleaching agent is added during the washing. The bleach destroys the indigo dye molecules with oxidated bleaching chemicals, decolourising the dark blue shade.

Enzyme Wash

A new way to create a worn look on denim, enzyme washes help reduce the environmental impact of stone and acid washing. Cellulases degrades the cellulose found in cotton, this then creates a worn or faded look in the denim.


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