Sustainable Clothing with Snow Peak

Snow Peak has been creating long-lasting and innovative camping equipment since 1958. The brand came around from Yukio Yamai’s desire for mountaineering gear that would stand the test of time, moving away from single use equipment in favour for something that would last longer than just the one trip.

Sustainable clothing with Snow Peak

Most of Snow Peak’s pieces are crafted from titanium, which is durable for longer usage, ensuring that they are not for single use. Decades of experience ensures that each product is meticulously designed to achieve perfection.

Since having expanded into apparel, Snow Peak has continued to create long-lasting garments. Clothing that transcends seasons and ensuring quality in all their garments, reducing the need to replace items constantly.

Snow Peak has always had an appreciation for nature, and it was the environmental issues we face today which inspired them to being their ‘Circulation Clothing’ project.

 Snow Peak SS22 at Copperfield

Circulated Clothing

When throwing away clothes there is always an environmental impact. During the manufacturing process there is often a wastage in the offcuts of the garments during the cutting stages. Dyes used to pigment the clothing are also harmful to the environment by polluting the water used. Even when a wearer throws away an item, often wasted clothes are incinerated which produces harmful gases in the environment.

‘Circulated Clothing’ is Snow Peak’s project to create clothing made using recycled polyester and cottons. Sustainable clothing to minimise the burden on the environment. It is an attempt to move away from the mentality that clothing is disposable.

Sustainable Clothing with Snow Peak

The process begins after clothes have been collected and donated, which is then transformed into polyester resin. This resin is then used to produce yarn to be used in creating new apparel pieces. This is the cycle process where scraps from the manufacturing of clothing is then used again for the next project, and the scraps from that will be used again, and so on and so forth.

Snow Peak’s clothing has always had the aim to co-exist with nature and encourages its wearers to connect with nature and to think about the future of the environment. This is just one solution from the brand as they continue to create sustainable products with the environment in mind.

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