Get Outdoors with Copperfield

At Copperfield we are passionate about getting outside and enjoying what nature throws at us. However, with wanting to get outdoors you’ll need to be rightly equipped, weather-proof jackets, sturdy footwear to even titanium camping equipment, we have a wide selection of outdoor focused brands.

Using the latest technologies and innovative design ideas, many of our brands keep you comfortable and protected no matter the outdoor activity. So, whether you’re hiking in the countryside, abseiling down a cliff face, or city exploring, we have some amazing brands to introduce you to!



Nanamica at Copperfield

The performance driven Japanese brand, creating clothing with the ocean in mind. Lead an adventurous life with Nanamica with clothing made for everyone regardless of age or gender.

Nanamica’s technical clothing is durable for any condition, designed with function in mind. Tech fabrics include ALPHADRY, Gore-Tex, and CoolMax, ensuring maximum performance.

Following their mantra of ‘One Ocean All Lands’, their clothing is fuelled by their passion for the ocean, creating products which can be used at the beach and in everyday life.

Nanamica is great for an outdoor adventure, fitted with tech fabrics and designed with comfort. Stylish and understated elegant design, Nanamica is easily accessible for those wanting to strike a balance between tech-wear and fashion.

Discover more about Nanamica in our meet the brand blog here.



Gramicci at Copperfield

American outdoor pioneers, Gramicci has been innovating climbing clothing and performance wear. With a focus on ease of movement and performance, Gramicci designs well-made and practical clothing.

The crotch gusset is Gramicci’s redesigned climbing trouser, allowing a 180-degree split, was Mike Graham’s design to allow a freedom of movement while he climbed boulders. Made with a built-in nylon belt, Gramicci’s designs come with a variety of innovative details ideal for climbing.

Gramicci balances outdoor wear with streetwear, it can be integrated seamlessly with any wardrobe to create a relaxed look. Ideal for climbing boulders, bike riding, or even explore the metropolis.


Snow Peak

Snow Peak Camping Equipment at Copperfield

Innovators in the camping industry, Japanese brand Snow Peak creates durable camping equipment and tech wear. Embracing simplicity in their designs, Snow Peak’s outdoor products are hardwearing to last more than just the one camping trip.

Promoting their ‘we are users’ ethos; Snow Peak encourages a reconnection to the natural world. With a collection of products for the close-knit community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts in mind, Snow Peak’s titanium camping equipment is made for campers.

Yukio Yamai, Snow Peak’s founder, was dissatisfied with the camping equipment on offer so began crafting his own equipment made from the titanium from his hometown of Tsubame Sanjo. This camping equipment would remove the need for plastic while out camping, ensuring that each product would be made to last.

Snow Peak also has a collection of tech-wear pieces, using breathable and lightweight fabrics, to thicker insulated wears for those colder months.

A versatile brand for any camping or outdoor enthusiast. Read more about Snow Peak here.



Danner Boots at Copperfield

Footwear designed for hiking in the mountains, Danner creates lightweight yet durable boots. Ready for any outdoor activity designed for pioneers and adventurers.

Said to be inspired by Portland’s tree-capped landscapes, the American brand has a renegade spirit. Their superior craftsmanship ensures their boots are durable to last the longest treks.

Partnerships with Gore-Tex have led to a completely waterproof hiking boot, so you are fully protected from water during your hike.

Danner creates the ideal footwear for getting outside, durable to last through many miles of walking. Read more about Danner here.


And Wander

And Wander at Copperfield

With an appreciation for nature and being outdoors, And Wander create high-tech, performance driven clothing. Encouraging wearers to reclaim the outside space, And Wander’s clothing protects you from the elements.

Co-founders Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori used their expertise and experience from Issey Miyake to create waterproof jackets, lightweight bags, and quick drying trousers.

While And Wander creates technical outdoor clothing and accessories, their clothing is perfect for urban landscapes too, keeping you dry and protected.

Reclaim the outside space with durable and distinctive clothing from And Wander.


Get outdoors no matter what the weather is and embrace outside spaces!

These are some of our favourite outdoor brands, explore their collections and more in-store and online now!