What is Selvedge Denim?

Selvedge denim red seamIf you’re in market for a new pair of jeans you may have come across the term selvedge denim. Thicker authentic denim which is more rigid and sturdier than that of cheaper, non-selvedge denim. 

Selvedge denim is a higher-quality, tougher type of denim than that of non-selvedge. The fabric is heavier and more rigid, it reflects authentic denim which was made in the US during the 50s. Also, unlike other denims, selvedge denim does not fray or unravel.

Selvedge denim also has a strong heritage factor associated with it. Made using long-established techniques and weaved on authentic looms, selvedge denim plays homage to the traditional ways of manufacturing. This way of making denim help establish the name of selvedge denim. The technical term meaning ‘self-edge’ refers to the self-finished edges on each side of the fabric.

Coloured thread also plays tribute to tradition, with the white edges of the fabric stitched with coloured thread to showcase the makers' dedication and talent. This is still used today, with many wearers choosing to upturn cuffs or the legs of jeans to show off the coloured thread.

How is Selvedge Denim Made?

Selvedge denim is made using a shuttle loom

There are two ways to make denim, either on a shuttle loom or without. Selvedge denim is made on a shuttle loom using traditional techniques in weaving in one long continuous thread. To create the selvedge strip on the one side, the thread loops back on itself when it reaches the other side.

The shuttle is essential when making selvedge denim, while it takes a greater amount of time when making the garment, it is kinder on the thread as it uses less pressure. This results in a softer denim than those not made using a shuttle.

Additionally, by constructing the fabric on the shuttle the fabric becomes completely unique. Variations in the fabric and the process of making the garments give the denim a unique, vintage look.

Non-selvedge denim isn’t made on a shuttle as it is cheaper and faster to use shuttleless weaving machines instead. This results in frayed edges which are rougher than selvedge denim.

Selvedge denim is also more environmentally conscious as it is produced on narrow rolls of fabric, meaning when the fabric is cut to make the garment less is wasted.Rolls of non-selvedge and selvedge denim

The Price of Selvedge

If you’ve investigated buying selvedge denim you will notice the price tag associated with it. Buying selvedge denim is an investment piece which you could get several years’ worth out of.

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There are elements to consider when looking at the price of selvedge denim.

·         The time in making the garment

·         The care in which it took to make

·         The durability of the fabric

·         The rarity of the piece.

·         Personalisation of the garment



It is far cheaper and quicker for the manufactures to make non-selvedge denim, therefore the price of the selvedge denim reflects the time and effort that has gone into creating these pieces. It is a slower process to make selvedge but the result is more authentic. 

Selvedge denim becomes personalised over time, the heaviness of the piece means that creasing is better over time, it produces a more personalised fit too. This personalisation makes the pieces rare from one another.


Is Selvedge Denim Better?

There are some great benefits to selvedge denim such as they fade better than non-selvedge denim. The character of the denim is its biggest benefit, it is unique and rigid, unlikely to unravel or fray.

The process in which selvedge denim is made also adds to its quality. Selvedge denim is softer than non-selvedge denim, the slower pace of the loom helps in this by reducing the tension on the yarn. Similarly, when buying selvedge you are buying a piece of heritage, very few places make selvedge denim now., it is buying history before it ceases. 

However, while the fabric could last for several years, selvedge denim is not indestructible. It requires care to last.

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How to Care for Selvedge Denim?

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You’ve invested in the best, now caring for them is a must if you are to ensure your denim remains it’s finest. It’s important to remember to not wash your jeans too often, this could cause them to bleed and fade.

When it comes to washing jeans it’s best to handwash if you can. Turn the jeans inside out and wash them in lukewarm or cold water. Best to leave them submerged in the water for around 45 minutes.

When it comes to drying your jeans, drip drying is best. Either hang them over the shower or out on a washing line and allow them to dry almost completely. Putting jeans on when they are 90% dry is best as it allows room for stretch as selvedge denim shrinks to fit your body.


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